About MYO

Muhammad Oda is a writer, Poet, MC, arts instructor and event organizer with a passion for politics and applied theology. Born and raised in southern California, Muhammad is the founder of Fly Rebel, a creative arts consulting collective that he’s started with his wife, Lauren Schreiber.  Fly Rebel supports the creation of socially responsible art in the Muslim community and beyond. Together the duo organizes events, encourages community dialogue around creative expression, hosts workshops, and empowers individuals to produce and consume art that lines up with their values.

On the west coast, he is best known for his role in the independent label known as Magnetic Flux recordings, where his group (PAC 10) was nominated for Best Hip-Hop in San Diego. He went on to form a duo with Producer and songwriter Acromic (A.M), producing a mixtape that became the number one download for three months straight earning them an interview with San Diego Reader magazine.

Muhammad Oda also achieved notable accomplishments in the poetry scene, winning first place at, “Poet of the People” poetry slam at Voz Alta, the Barnes & Noble’s Poetry Slam, as well as Michigan City Indiana’s First annual Poetry Slam at Simmer cafe in Indiana.

Muhammad has developed curriculum ranging from youth leadership to performance techniques for various communities in San Diego and for Words Beats & Life, Inc. a hip-hop nonprofit in Washington, DC.

Currently Muhammad Oda is working on his debut solo album, his first book, and a joint project with his wife. In his spare time, Muhammad can be found in local coffee shops doing homework and engaging in in-depth conversations with just about everyone. He is also pursuing a degree in linguistics, with a minor in education.


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