ter-ror ter-ror


look in the mirror

can somebody tell me

have they ever heard of

a burglar

who also got away with mass murder?

stole our constitutional rights just to further

a war against an abstract noun called “Terror”

terror terror terrorist

so why ain’t America on that list?

how we gonna act like we ain’t bombed shit?

collateral damage killing unarmed targets

now put it all together it just makes sense

a-mer-i-ca Ter-ror-ists

see I never wanted to support the “F” bush party

i’m pro america

call it patriot acting

when terrorist attacks and all of the high jackings

are acted out by people of your cultural backing

or ethnicity don’t worry chill remain calm

go to walmart

purchase stakes

place flags on the lawn

muhammad’s are now Mo’s

tariqs are now toms

blacks, Latinos and Arabs all dyed their hair blonde

It’s the patriot act

it’s easy to get along

while living the american dream and singing our sacred song

the land of the free home of the brave

a nation under g-d headed to hell bombing away

We call them terrorist

ter-ror ter-ror am-er-i-ca look in the mirror


any honest attempt to rid the world of terrorism-

would have to include a war against modern day warfare.

any true attempt to mend an open wound would include the lending of an open ear –

fused with an open heart to hear from the open mouths of those who are suffering


not closed!

before closed minds become open to a horrible reality that is the result of previous deeds…

previous seeds selfishly scattered by rolling stones across the world-

giving birth to fatherless children whose qibla has been changed a second time.

this time towards the west.


cursing the call of death

that it snatches her every breath. and this can be avoided perhaps,

but your closed minds-

are not open to Justice.



i was told that you have two ears and one tongue

so you should listen twice as much as you speak

but they never showed us what to do with these two legs

so most of us are spiritual paraplegics

who can preach the word of g-d eloquently,

but are incapable of walking to salvation


i get tired of beginning my poems with “Sometimes”

and sometimes the rain makes it hard to enjoy the sunshine

and sometimes my mind gets twisted up worse than grapevines…

and for a moment in time my mind stops

and I can’t write


or borrow another line even if my life depended on it

but that’s okay see cause sometimes

sometimes at night while everyone else is asleep…

i pray to g-d askin’ him to give me writer’s block

because at least then I might be tempted into letting my actions talk

instead of writing with the pen or typing on the keys…

sometimes I wish I went “dumb dumb” so that I couldn’t speak…

which might lead to action

instead of scripted ration aimed at stimulating the passion of those listening

see i want to be more than a quotable worth mentioning

and if these words can’t bring about a change then something has to change

it’s like the more clever the line is the more drama and pain

and nothing ever seems to change

cause i’m just…





we are shards of glass

with jagged-edged-hands facing upwards towards the heavens

praying to God to restore us to our former state

before we met inconsiderate hearts plagued with clumsy hands

we were containers of virtue

fine glasses used to give sustenance to thirsty visitors

now we are shards of glass

inflicting inflictions on unaware travelers who stumble upon our path




ignorance is bliss

because at its core it advocates interdependency

it propels us towards one another


in its clumsily fashioned hands cradles the delicate structure of unity in its palms

we are individuals

the collective pieces that form the whole

and the whole picture has to be called something else if one piece is missing

don’t you see?

we all contribute to humanity’s reservoir of truth

despite our intellectual vanities and naive ambitions-

no one piece to a puzzle can rightfully claim that it is the whole Picture

rather it is one piece amidst a sea of pieces


the self-evident reality that is apparent in all of us

entices us to share our pieces for we all long to be whole



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